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Custom & Syndicated Market Research Focused On Kids, Teens, & Young Adults
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About GTR Consulting

About GTR Consulting

Founded in 2001 by Gary Rudman, GTR Consulting specializes in custom qualitative research —from general exploratory research to concept, new product, target, usability, advertising, and packaging testing. GTR Consulting clients include Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, and social marketing firms.
GTR also creates comprehensive syndicated macro trend reports. Our gTrend Teen Report (covering high school-aged teens) and gTrend Young Adult Report (covering 21- to 35-year-olds) provide detailed qualitative and quantitative research that identifies emerging trends in those targets’ relationships with technology, and how those trends impact their spending, leisure, and communication habits; their relationship with the environment; and their attitudes toward and consumption of advertising and media.
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Our Approach

We “get” youth

For over 20 years, GTR Consulting has been engaging kids, teens, their gatekeeper parents, and young adults (21-35) to better understand their hopes, dreams, fears, and desires—and what drives their engagement with brands like yours.

We create authentic connections

We know how your target market thinks—and how to ask the right questions to help you see the world the way they do. We don’t talk at them or down to them. We talk with them. They know (and appreciate) that we’re really listening to what they have to say.

We do whatever it takes to connect

We don’t limit ourselves to a single market research methodology or approach. We focus on being honest and direct with young people, positioning ourselves as both an informed questioner and a peer to help them feel comfortable enough to provide honest, direct feedback.

We give you a recipe for success

We consider ourselves interpreters. Translators. We understand what our clients are looking for as intimately as we understand their target markets. We know how to manage conversations with young people to deliver the insights you need to drive your business.

We’re flexible and efficient

Our size lets us be nimble and responsive to your needs. Every GTR Consulting project is managed by a single seasoned senior researcher—from bid to screener and discussion-guide development to moderation, report write-up, and final presentation to the client.

We give you the attention you deserve

Because we take on a limited number of projects, we can give every client our fullest attention. We take the time to really understand your situation and objectives to ensure that every aspect of your project runs smoothly and provides the best possible results—from methodology and markets selected all the way down to the food we offer clients in the back room.

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Approach Quote
We develop relationships, not just research findings.

“Our approach results in satisfied clients—and mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We’re proud of that.”

The Company We Keep

We maintain longstanding relationships with a diverse client list.
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Client Quote

“I’ve worked with Gary steadily for over five years and in that time have found him to be detail oriented, an excellent moderator, and an astute strategic thinker. He’s extremely knowledgeable about gaming and the youth market in general, and always adds value, from initial project development to his insightful final reports. Whatever we throw at him, whether it requires different methodological approaches or varying age and gender targets—from 8-year-old girls and boys to 50-year-old men and women—Gary’s more than up to the task.”

Nicki Shovar, Former Director of Consumer Insights, Ubisoft

Our Services

GTR Consulting engages kids, teens, their parents, and young adults to deliver the actionable market insights companies need to succeed.

Custom Qualitative Research

We consult with you to fully understand your needs and
help identify the most appropriate, cost-effective methodologies
to achieve your objectives.

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Syndicated Research

GTR Consulting’s syndicated gTrend Reports offer penetrating insight into the world as today’s youth see and experience it. They provide a deep macro understanding of target markets.

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