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Neo-Frugalists: gTrend Teen Report – Preview No. 3

For teens, having less to spend is a shocking new experience.  But with fewer available jobs and smaller allowances from cash-strapped parents, teens are confronting a new economic reality.  So how do young consumers still buy the latest Techno-bling?  They get frugal and turn it into sport.  In the new gTrend Teen Report, Neo-Frugalism has emerged as one of the unexpected byproducts of the recession.  Neo-Frugalism is the skill and passion that resourceful teens are applying to the acquisition of technology and other badge items.  Our research shows that instead of buying on impulse, today’s teens have become more value-driven consumers. If they’re interested in the hottest video game, they’re inclined to find a used copy.  Many are now waiting for sales to make a purchase.  Or they scour Craigslist, eBay and the rest of the web for a killer deal.  Interestingly, with thriftiness going mainstream, it has become cool to be the first one to “find the deal” and spread the gospel of their thrifty ways.

In short, frugal is the new hip, but it is no real surprise.  American teens continue to make a virtue of advancing and adopting to a world often beyond their control.  To find out how to reach young consumers who are both frugal and highly acquisitive, read the new gTrend Teen Report.  Contact GTR Consulting at, or 415.713.7852.

Textual Feeling: gTrend Teen Report – Preview No. 2

Teens remain as elusive and contradictory as ever.  Nothing expresses that more emphatically than the new teen social dynamic known as “Textual Feeling.” Identified in the new gTrend Teen Report, “Textual Feeling” is phenomenon in which teens share their deepest emotions via technology for all to see.  Because technology is an essential part of who they are, many teens routinely express their secret hopes, dreams and fears via social networking sites and online. This shift to communal sharing of private thoughts is radically changing interpersonal communication among teens.  For some, expressing themselves through technology – online conversations or texting – has become the only way they think they can communicate their emotions

In many ways, teens today are an open book. Yet, most are conscientious about not posting telephone numbers, addresses, and other critical personal information on the web because they recognize the dangers.  Our research, however, consistently shows that many teens feel it’s safer and more comfortable to engage peers through technology than in face-to-face interaction.

Want to understand more about what is in the new gTrend Teen Report and find out how to reach teens?  Contact GTR Consulting at, or 415.713.7852.