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Ambassatechs: gTrend Teen Report Preview No. 4

Tech-savvy teens have become the bridge between two worlds that absolutely need each other today: Companies trying to figure out the next big thing and parents seeking to determine which new piece of technology to buy.  The gTrend Teen Report describes this new breed of teens as Ambassatechs, those trendsetting young consumers whose judgment and behavior are the best barometer of future technology adoption.  Because of their comfort with technology, teens have become the household’s de facto experts on everything from personal computers and cell phones to digital cameras and television sets.  The gTrend Teen Report found that one in three teens almost always helps their parents use the electronics they purchase; one in four advises them on what electronic products to buy.  What’s startling about the Ambassatechs phenomenon is the reversal of roles. At the dawn of the Internet age, technology would trickle down to teens from their parents.  Today, adults take their technology cues from teens, whose ability to incorporate innovation into their lives far exceeds their parents’. Nothing may be more important to successfully engaging teens than understanding their role as Ambassatechs.

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