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By MARTHA IRVINE — Sep. 4, 2014 12:43 PM EDT CHICAGO (AP) — They’re often pegged as the civic-minded, do-gooding generation. But while they’re still optimistic about their own personal prospects, a new study finds that today’s youth are often more skeptical of the country’s institutions than the young generations that preceded them. The Millennials also are as mistrusting of other people as the gloomy “slackers” of Generation X were 20 years ago — or even more so. Jean Twenge, lead author of the study that will be published early this month in the online edition of the journal Psychological Science, […]

‘Sneakerheads’ rush for shoes for cred and profit

BY MARTHA IRVINE, ASSOCIATED PRESS CHICAGO (AP) They are lined up in the freezing rain, waiting patiently, stubbornly. All night. All for a few pairs of shoes. Sean Rivera is among the 60 or so die-hards on this sidewalk along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district. He looks a little crazy, smiling and squinting through fogged glasses. But the 28-year-old college counselor doesn’t care. He’s used to being judged like that, used to “being criticized by peers and family members and neighbors,” he says, laughing. It’s all part of the life of “sneakerheads,” people who spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars […]

Still blogging? FYI: It’s old news

BY TIM BARKER ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH – 02/28/2010 There was a time when Sarah Truckey had a close relationship with her blog. The St. Louis-based freelance writer visited it every couple of days, sharing stories and thoughts with anyone willing to read them. But today, the intervals between visits are growing longer as Truckey, 25, increasingly turns to social networking site Twitter to talk to the world. She likes the way Twitter limits entries to 140 characters, forcing her to keep those missives short. “The blog posts wouldn’t necessarily get me in trouble. But I would end up revealing more […]

Can texting by teens reach a danger level?

BY AISHA SULTAN ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH – 01/25/2010 Emily Tedford, 13, is having dinner with her parents at a Brazilian restaurant, and 20 of her closest friends know she has ordered the grilled pineapple and banana. It’s just one of hundreds of text messages she’ll send tonight. Emily, an A student in St. Charles, sends nearly 20,000 texts a month, as she has for the last two years since she got her phone. She is one of the übertexters, with the phone pad chronically attached to her thumbs. Her parents, Paul and Rebecca Tedford, aren’t too concerned. They periodically monitor […]

Take Care When Targeting Teens Online

Do teens constitute an audience for marketers when they’re visiting social sites? Oct 5, 2009 – Mark Dolliver, Adweek NEW YORK Teenagers are a mystery to most adults. New technology and media are another mystery to many adults. Combine these mysteries and you have ample opportunity for adult misperception of how teenagers use and feel about new technology and media. Some recent research works to get beyond popular misconceptions and provide a look at how teens actually engage with these things, including the advertising they encounter along the way. Based on quantitative and qualitative research conducted between January and April, […]

Understanding those elusive teens

September 25th, 2009 by By Steve Mullins. Teen feeling. Ambassatechs have become the bridge between companies trying to figure out the next big thing and parents seeking to determine which new piece of technology to buy, according to the gTrend Teen Report from US-based GTR Consulting. Ambassatechs? They’re those trendsetting young consumers whose judgment and behavior are the best barometer of future technology adoption, the consultancy reckons. ”Today, adults take their technology cues from teens, whose ability to incorporate innovation into their lives far exceeds their parents’. Nothing may be more important to successfully engaging teens than understanding their […]

Teens cope with a world always changing

By Tim Barker ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 10/05/2009 While technology plays some role in virtually every person’s life in this country, today’s teenagers face a world far different from that of previous generations. They live in a time when the only true constant is change. That forces them to learn to adapt quickly to new devices and forms of communication, while also introducing new stresses into their lives. How they deal with it is the subject of a recent study by Gary Rudman, a California-based market researcher who specializes in kids and teens. His company, GTR Consulting, recently completed its gTrend […]

Ambassatechs: gTrend Teen Report Preview No. 4

Tech-savvy teens have become the bridge between two worlds that absolutely need each other today: Companies trying to figure out the next big thing and parents seeking to determine which new piece of technology to buy.  The gTrend Teen Report describes this new breed of teens as Ambassatechs, those trendsetting young consumers whose judgment and behavior are the best barometer of future technology adoption.  Because of their comfort with technology, teens have become the household’s de facto experts on everything from personal computers and cell phones to digital cameras and television sets.  The gTrend Teen Report found that one in […]

Neo-Frugalists: gTrend Teen Report – Preview No. 3

For teens, having less to spend is a shocking new experience.  But with fewer available jobs and smaller allowances from cash-strapped parents, teens are confronting a new economic reality.  So how do young consumers still buy the latest Techno-bling?  They get frugal and turn it into sport.  In the new gTrend Teen Report, Neo-Frugalism has emerged as one of the unexpected byproducts of the recession.  Neo-Frugalism is the skill and passion that resourceful teens are applying to the acquisition of technology and other badge items.  Our research shows that instead of buying on impulse, today’s teens have become more value-driven […]

Textual Feeling: gTrend Teen Report – Preview No. 2

Teens remain as elusive and contradictory as ever.  Nothing expresses that more emphatically than the new teen social dynamic known as “Textual Feeling.” Identified in the new gTrend Teen Report, “Textual Feeling” is phenomenon in which teens share their deepest emotions via technology for all to see.  Because technology is an essential part of who they are, many teens routinely express their secret hopes, dreams and fears via social networking sites and online. This shift to communal sharing of private thoughts is radically changing interpersonal communication among teens.  For some, expressing themselves through technology – online conversations or texting – […]