Custom Qualitative Research

We dig deep. Before recommending an approach, we consult with you to fully understand your needs. What worked for you in the past may no longer be the best approach, so we help identify the most appropriate, cost-effective methodologies to achieve your objectives.

We bring extensive experience to the table, in areas including:

  • General Exploratory Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Packaging & Product Development

  • Product, Taste, & Usage Testing
  • Beta Testing & Usability
  • Advertising & Communication Checks
  • Promotions Testing

  • Target Assessment & Exploratory Research
  • Brand Equity Exploratory Research
  • Immersion Research

Our custom research offerings include:

Face-to-Face Methodologies

In-depth Research

We conduct focus groups, mini-groups, triads, dyads, shop-alongs, man-on-the-street intercepts, in-person panels, and personal in-depth interviews.

Immersion Hikes

We lead day hikes with clients and their target market that include conversation starters to spark interaction during the outward-bound portion and a moderated discussion over lunch. We then return and dismiss respondents and spend the remaining time identifying learnings and insights with clients. (San Francisco Bay Area only)

Ethnographic Studies

We conduct in situ observations, taped interviews, and anthropological investigations of the symbols, icons, and meanings that inform consumer behavior.

For clients who want to reach a geographically dispersed target or spend more time delving into their targets’ wants and needs, we offer:

Online Methodologies

Online focus groups

Like traditional focus groups, but conducted online using webcams.


Participants create content using a blogging platform, generating insights for clients.

Online discussion boards (with or without webcam)

A specialized technique that employs bulletin board technology to drive sophisticated discussions that are essentially rich, thoughtful, slow-moving focus groups; discussions usually takes place over the course of several days.


A proprietary ethnography app that helps us get inside targets’ lives like never before. Available for iOS and Android and downloadable by invitation only, this easy-to-use app lets us ask questions and receive responses via video, photos, audio files, multiple-choice forms, and more.

Online collages and journals

Participants create collages representing their thoughts about their world and the products, services, and brands they interact with, then explain why they selected specific images. The result is a deep dive into their psyche. We also ask participants to write journals (in lieu of or in combination with the collages) to get a look over their shoulder at their experience of daily life.

Telephone Methodologies

Computer-assisted telephone focus groups

Extended conference calls that let clients listen in on and respond to moderated discussions with targets.

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