gTrend Yound Adult Report

The gTrend Young Adult Report provides penetrating insights into what we call the Vortechs—today’s 21- to 35-year-old consumers, whose complex relationship with technology has them simultaneously moving forward, looking back, and stuck in life.

This report explores a generation that is always connected but hard to connect with, demands and expects ease and efficiency, and has relationships with technology as complex as any human relationship. The gTrend Young Adult Report answers the key questions about understanding and marketing to today's young adults, including:

How marketers can reach a generation:

  • That is always connected but hard to connect with.
  • That demands and expects ease and efficiency.
  • Whose connection with technology is as complex as any human relationship.

Revealing the world as today’s young adults see and experience it,
gTrend Young Adult Report:

  • Identifies 14 distinct macro-trends, each depicted in a concise, understandable framework, plus a broad set of implications and revealing quotes from young adults.
  • Is an in-depth, illustrated presentation based on a proprietary nationwide qualitative study verified by quantitative data.
  • Presents a detailed examination of American young adults’ complex relationship with technology, and how it impacts their mindset, their outlook, their buying behavior, their communication, their media consumption, their relationships with brands, and, ultimately, their psyche.

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Impactful New Themes In The New gTrend Young Adult Report
  • Share Fiends – Young adults experience a burning need to stay connected—opening the door for marketers to share messages with them.
  • Timoney Continuum – Technology presents young adults with an overwhelming flood of information—but a difficult economy forces them to make compromises they wish they could avoid. Marketers can benefit by appealing to young adults’ cost-consciousness while showing how their offerings are easy to use and can help them use their time more efficiently.
  • Advertorment – Young adults are turned off by online advertising, so marketers must find new approaches to break through to them.

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