Syndicated Research

GTR Consulting’s syndicated gTrend Reports offer penetrating insight into the world as today’s youth see and experience it. Alone, they provide a deep macro understanding of target markets. Together with our custom qualitative research, they offer a comprehensive look at target markets to help you understand and reach them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

gTrend Reports

  • Identify distinct macro trends, each in a concise, understandable framework.
  • Provide an in-depth, illustrated presentation based on a proprietary nationwide qualitative study verified by quantitative data.
  • Offer a broad set of implications and revealing quotes from the target.
  • Identify distinct macro trends, each in a concise, understandable framework.

gTrend Teen Report

The gTrend Teen Report gets you deep inside the heads of today’s high school−aged teens. These teens—we call them the CyborGen—have an incredible love for technology (for the most part) and can’t live without it. This report examines how from-birth interaction with technology has resulted in fundamental shifts in teens’ outlooks, mindsets, and social lives—as well how (and how not) to market to them.

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gTrend Young Adult Report

The gTrend Young Adult Report provides penetrating insights into what we call the Vortechs—today’s 21- to 35-year-old consumers, whose complex relationship with technology has them simultaneously moving forward, looking back, and stuck in life.

This report explores a generation that is always connected but hard to connect with, demands and expects ease and efficiency, and has relationships with technology as complex as any human relationship.

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