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What does a brand have to do to capture and maintain the fickle Millennial interest? … A lot.

Millennials are fickle. They have developed in a world where change is constant; where the next paradigm-shifting piece of technology is just a CEO’s presentation away. They have been taught to embrace change and revel in experimentation. Couple that with the non-stop societal and technological input that far exceeds their ability to process it all. Add all this up, and we can see why brands have such a hard time nailing down their fragmented focus.

So what does a brand have to do to capture and maintain the Millennial interest? … A lot. Brands have to be constantly reinventing themselves, and creating fresh, interesting, and engaging content that can reach them and connect with them on a personal level. We have found that Millennials want to have a relationship with their brands. And a relationship means being a good friend: one who listens, responds, shares (but doesn’t over share) … and rewards them for their friendship with inside information, coupons, special sales, etc. According to this article, brands like Pizza Hut, Oreo’s and Wendy’s are paying attention to this advice and keeping their eye on the prize. (

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